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Season 1 of Elliot launched us into Cartoon Foley - we have learnt a lot on the way and  can offer consistent results and a fast turnaround for footsteps and basic moves and touches.  All recorded and performed in a pristine secret location on the foley farm.  we supplied OMF or protools files of foley for your mixing pleasure - or we can create entire soundscapes and provide premixed M+E wav files lovingly mixed to specification.

3 seasons of Elliot Kid foley and footsteps

Mouk and Chavapa is a literal voyage of discovery where 2 best friends on a bicycle tour of the world keep in touch with their friends by skype.  We worked up a consistent bike sound to our clients requirements wheich we were then able to manipulate to match any movements.  We did 3 seasons of this completing all foley works supplying client with premixed Protools session complete with panning.

3 seasons of  Mouk foley and footsteps

Animation Sound Design and Foley

Foley recording -  fast consistent foot stepping process

animated series  fully filled foley SFX and ambience imagineered from the ground up

Remote Session System. book session time connect and supervise edit anywhere.

conformalizer  EDL cutting software for reversioning re-edit Picture update friendly

Season 1 Season 2  = 104 X 22 minute episodes

In this epic drama the Earth's resources under attack - only the World Peace Keepers can save the day! - fully filled dramatic Sound scape - with detailed footstep and robotic soldier  foley  - Action packed super powered soldiers with sci fi weapons and rich  ambience requirements made this a fun series to work on-  after season 2 we were contracted to created 10 x 90 minute specials with around 20 min new footage per episode

Season 1,  Season 2 = 104 x 22 minute episodes

fully filled Sound scape for  52x 20 + minute episodes  

footstep and football foley  - with action packed super powers - as well as the ambience rich back grounds.

worldwide multilingual release

dialog FOLEY      SFX mix

Storm Riders Dante Lam

Full length feature released in 5.1 format -   Directed by Dante Lam  this is an epic action adventure - The fights are staged by an actual action choreographer, Wong Wai Fai, whose credits include Dante Lam's JIANG HU: THE TRIAD ZONE  -   we provided a complete sound scape from Foley to SFX to final mix on the Dolby stage at Cinidigit sound,  

Full length feature released in 5.1 format -  Produced by  Stephen Chow Sing-chi  ( kung fu hustle shaolin soccer etc ) we provided a complete sound scape from Foley to SFX to mix at Cinidigit sound,   Great use was made of our remote session system with hours a day connected for convenient review 

CJ-7  Stephen Chow Sing-chi 

My Robot and Me

26 x 11 minute episodes  of the wacky escapes of Robots at high school - providing a high quality foley and footstep tracks for mixing by tabaskko ltd in France.

Sparkling Red Star - feature film

Full length feature released in 5.1 format -   we provided a complete sound scape from Foley to SFX mixed at Cinedigit Sound

Gege Ori Princess

26 x 22 minute episodes  the adventures of "GeGe" a wacky  chinese princess up to mischief in the palace

Full length feature released in 5.1 format -  we provided a complete sound scape from Foley to SFX mixed at the renowned Shaw Brother studio,

Little Gobie - feature film

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