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The Redeemer - picked for Filmshortage

just wanted to share this news with you from Harry Locke IV who was kind enough to take a leap into the unknown with me on my first ever Western, a dream for me as quite alot of my sunday afternoons in the UK were rainy days involving a lot of John Ford and John Wayne movies ( my Granddad was a huge fan! )

Thanks for working with me Harry, I really enjoyed this one

( I did this in 2019 but its only just surfacing publically now )

Today, The Redeemer is the "daily pick" for the popular online website Film Shortage, which is a curated site that selects some of the best short films out there and showcases them. In addition to being highlighted on the front page of their website, the film will also be available to view publicly from now on directly on Youtube.

watch it here--->

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